• Half Cracked: The Legend of Sugar Mary Returns!!!
  • "Woman and Scarecrow" by Marina Carr. Photo credit: David Crewe. From left to right: Mary-Colin Chisholm and Mauralea Austin
  • "To Capture Light" by Mary-Colin Chisholm. Photo credit: David Crewe. From left to right: Mary-Colin Chisholm, Sherry Smith, Mauralea Austin, Martha Irving
  • The company is committed, primarily, to working with actors resident in this province, but is open to working with artists living elsewhere in order to stimulate new ideas and fresh energy.


Sugar Mary and Yewina by Mary-Colin Chisholm...

coming to The Waiting Room, 6040 Almon St. in Feb. 27, 2016...


LunaSea Theatre's Annual fundraiser, Carols in the Cathedral, the most successful ever ... and we move onto Sugar Mary and Yewina at The Waiting Room 6040 Almon St, starting Feb. 27th


Check out Joanne Miller on MJ's Wall and her reference to LunaSea's production of 'night, Mother in her coverage of Nova Scotia's theatre scene in 2015...


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